The ROH 86 returned to WTAC in 2014 on the 17th and 18th of October at Eastern Creek.

ROH exhibited at World Time Attack 2014 at Eastern Creek held on the 17th and 18th of October. Our stand featured our latest wheel styles including Spyder, Korsa and Azzuro. To say the public response was fantastic would be an understatement especially as we featured the ROH 86 Project car not only on the stand but also on the track! The 86 with a larger Sprintex Supercharger and re-built engine was fully tuned thanks to MRT Performance.

Thanks also to John Healey at VSport for his helping hand throughout the event and for prepping the car for the track, including fitting the Charge speed bonnet with aero catches, Ducktail spoiler and tow hooks (all required for the Clubsprint class).

Not to mention fitting the brilliant new Velo GTP seats and harnesses, shift kit and thicker race steering wheel for our first run on the track – including the wheel alignment track set-up. The VSport team also assisted with tents for our stand.

Luke Matassoni from RS*R provided valuable suspension advice, mechanical support and a wealth of driving experience to the car’s track debut.

Special mention must go to Joel Davey from Fabre Competition parts on the stand next to us who kindly provided us with much needed mechanical assistance. Joel didn’t sign up as a mechanic and was working as sales on the Fabre stand when he volunteered to help us out. It was greatly appreciated!

We would also like to extend a special thanks to Paul Franks of MSH media for helping out with on-track photography/videography, Daniel Mitrevski our man in NSW and Trent Stoddard for helping out during the event.