Michael Ellem from Offroad Images‘ shows us why he chose ROH Vapour 4×4 wheels for his Mighty 79 & Sandy 60 Landcruisers.
One of the best things about owning a 4WD is the availability of so many fantastic accessories designed and built for the 4WD scene.
This enables you to make your 4X4 different from others … to make it unique, and at the same time… make it your own.
In my opinion, the addition of the wheels will make the most significant upgrade on a 4X4.
If you get it right with your selection, the difference can be absolutely stunning.
Well, I have to say, the designers at ROH have got it right with the ROH Vapour wheel! I love the look… It’s not only stunning but impressively bold and significant in its appearance.
This wheel design highlights lines in the older vehicle designs like our “Sandy 60” Series Cruiser and “the Mighty 79” Cruiser, but it also looks amazing on modern vehicle dual-cabs and wagons.
These wheels are stunning to look at but are also surprisingly easy to clean.
Now aside from the look, they are also extremely practical for today’s builds.
We are all looking for bigger GVMs in our vehicles to allow us to carry more gear, but what about the load rating on your wheels?
ROH have addressed this by creating a series of rims with bigger load ratings, to keep up with all the GVM upgrades… now that’s a plus.
The ROH Vapour would have to be my absolute favourite wheel available on the 4X4 market today.

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