Press the BEGIN button. Take a photo or choose an image from your device.

For best results, take a photo of your car from the side in a well lit area.


Press ADD WHEEL. Choose the type of wheel, tyre and brake style. Drag the wheel to its intended location and adjust the scale.

To add more wheels, repeat the above or use the Duplicate button.


Once you’re happy with the look, save it by taking a screenshot.

When you share the image on Facebook or Instagram, be sure to tag ROH Wheels.

Move wheel to desired location

Click and drag

Scale wheel to match your car

Click and drag

Duplicate the selected wheel


Change or remove the selected wheel

Click and select

To start over, simply reload the page.

Please note

Our Wheel Visualiser only provides an approximation of how ROH wheels will look on your car in real life. The exact appearance of each wheel style varies in accordance with the fitment and finish selected.

Not all wheels shown here will fit all cars. Please use the WhatFits utility on our wheels page or consult your local wheel and tyre provider for help choosing wheels to fit your car.

We respect your privacy. Your photo doesn’t get uploaded to our website, but we’d love to see it on social media!