Hidden Winch 4×4 road-tests ROH Trophy 4WD wheels on their new LandCruiser 200 series.

Hidden Winch 4×4 chose their product partners carefully based on the following parameters:

1. Is the design mechanically sound and does it look great?
2. Is it high quality and functional?
3. Does it improve ride, comfort, handling and performance?

Hidden Winch 4×4 have developed an innovative bracket to allow you to retro-fit a winch to your 4×4 vehicle without the additional weight and cost of a bull bar whilst maintaining your vehicles original appearance.  This makes sense, if you’re doing a lot of off-road work to maintain the functionality, ride, comfort, handling and performance.

Of course, the ROH Trophy looks great too.  It’s form and function combined in a elegant design, just like the Hidden Winch.

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