Jamie Benaud from Australian Images chose ROH Trophy 4×4 wheels for his trip to Cape York with Project 200.

`Due to the larger size of the Nittos I chose, I also needed to change wheels, increasing both the width and the diameter. I decided on the fantastic looking new ROH Trophy alloys, in 18×9″ sizing, with a +47mm offset. This size is perfect for the 33×12.5″ tyres and also for the 200-series itself, ensuring the tyres don’t protrude from the guards and the offset remains legal. They also have a 1250kg load rating, which is vital to maintain my 3800kg GVM upgrade validity.’

Jamie’s decision was based just as much on the design, as well as the fitment and GVM+ compatibility.

`The Trophy is an aggressive 8-spoke design. The spokes are an anodised metallic graphite finish, while the outers are matte black with machined highlights. Overall, they are a fantastic looking wheel.’