All Trak 2 & Blak Trak 6/139.7 PCD steel wheels are now CBL compatible allowing for hub-centric fitment.

Centre Bore Locating (CBL) makes fitting ROH steel wheels a breeze.

ROH Wheels is pleased to announce that our well renowned Trak 2 & Blak Trak wheels are now CBL compatible.
This compatibility with our range of 6/139.7 PCD steel wheels is a great feature to put customers’ minds at ease who are deterred by the idea that the wheels do not
locate 100% on the vehicles factory OEM hub.
The bearing of the wheel’s weight is the function of the vehicle studs and not the hub, which is why CBL’s are not a legal requirement. The use of the CBL can assist
in centralising the wheel during fitment. This in turn may reduce or prevent minor vibrations, or harmonics which could be present in the traditional fitment of steel 4WD wheels.

With the optional CBL availability, ROH steel wheels just got even better!

*Please note wheel CBL’s are not a legal requirement & only assist with centralisation of the wheel when fitting to the vehicle.
Steel dome caps cannot be used in conjunction with CBL rings.

Trak 2 and Blak Trak wheels CBL compatible