Carlisle Rogers from 4WD Touring road-tested ROH Blak Trak Steel wheels on his new Isuzu D-Max `Shadow’.

Below are recommendations regarding steel wheels from his off-road experience:

Everything that goes on my truck is subjected to the same multi-stage litmus test, in this order:

1. Is it reliable?
2. Is it supported by the manufacturer?
3. Does it look great?

It makes sense, if you’re doing a lot of deep country outback touring, to run steel wheels. They are durable, reliable and, if you do manage to damage one hitting something rather large rather quickly, you can bend them back into shape.

And while steel wheels often lack the gauche designs of their alloy cousins, where they hold up is under fire.  When I’m out filming and shooting, my idea of a good time is definitely not changing wheels. So, in a way, the best wheels are the invisible ones…the ones you put on and instantly forget about, because they don’t let you down.

Of course, the Blak Trak series looks good too. It’s pure function over form, and that in itself lends an elegance to the design.

Carlisle Rogers, 4WD Touring

Meet Shadow here