Lightweight Performance
at its best.

When it comes to performance, just two things matter:
minimum weight and maximum strength.

ROH Lightweight Performance utilises the most advanced flow forging technology to provide you with a range of sophisticated lightweight alloy road wheels.  ROH Lightweight Performance offers significant reduction in unsprung mass yielding improved vehicle handling and fuel consumption.

Flow Form Blanks

Step One

Pre-cast blanks are produced using conventional alloy casting techniques. This retains ultimate styling flexibility afforded by die casting.

Step Two

Wheel blanks are then machined to remove casting seams and prepare the rim surface for flow forging.

Preheating Furnace for flow forming

Step Three

The machined blanks are preheated to 420°C prior to forging the final wheel.

Step Four

The preheated blanks are placed in the flow forging machine on a mandrel that defines the profile of the wheel. The blank is accelerated to a high speed of rotation and CNC rollers precisely flow forge the alloy down the face of the mandrel.

The smooth, continual “flow” of alloy during forging lends the process its name and makes the finished product a lighter, high performance wheel.

Flow Forming Machine