The ROH 86 Project `Strikes back’ competing in World Time Attack 2016 at Eastern Creek

Mitch Lukasz come home 9th in the VSport prepared 86 Project entry. The last few years we have seen 4 86s in clubsprint, but this year we are down to 2. What’s happening in 86 land? I think they’re all turning up to the Show and Shine instead

Mitch had never driven SMSP before Thursday practice, but keen fans will will know this car from 2014 (Jake Jones ) and 2015 (John Healey) where they finished 9th as well with a 1.42.9. The body had a rush repair job done after major damage was sustained in a crash at Mallala in August. As was the case with most competitors, the car was being worked on well into the wee hours of Wednesday night. Thursday practice saw Mitch knock off their fastest time from 2015, filling the team with confidence heading into Day 1.

Like every one else, the team headed into the event with big ideas and grand plans, only to have electrical gremlins rear their head and cause a missed session. For the 4th session they scrubbed tyres in preparation for Day 2’s morning sessions where Mitch’s 1.42.2590 makes it the fastest 86 in clubsprint ever, beating Josh Muggleton’s 2015 best in the Tunehouse 86. Unfortunately for the team, they found post morning sessions that the bump/rebound settings were less than optimal, and whilst they had time to tune appropriately, the best of the track speed was gone. All things considered, this was a successful weekend, and with a better chance to prepare for 2017, there’s a high chance they will be the first clubsprint 86 into the 41s. Nice work Mitch!

Words and Photography courtesy of Matt Cook from Gasolina Photographica, full story here: